Happy Pixels gets revamped

Apr 11, 2010

It's been about two years since I registered happypixels.net. What started as a simple blog has now become the web presence for my business as an independent Drupal consultant, and the website needed to be updated to reflect that change. Besides registering happypixels.com, I have also been reworking the design and decided to launch the new theme before continuing with other changes.

Like the original Happy Pixels theme, the new theme is colorable with a base image built using Inkscape. The new design features a brighter and wider grid-based layout with more breathing space, while preserving some elements of the original design like the color scheme or the wavy gradient in the header.

There are also some structural changes planned for the near future, including some fun features using the geo-tagged content that has been here all along…

This redesign is an iterative process, so as usual any constructive feedback is welcome.