Drupal Dev Days & Ticket Giveaway

Mar 19, 2010

As a member of the organizing team, I am happy to invite you to the Drupal Dev Days (aka DrupalCamp Germany 2010), which will take place on May 8th and 9th in Munich. We already announced the event on many German-speaking channels, but I would like to invite those of you who might be coming from further away.

As with most DrupalCamps, the event will consist of presentations, workshops and small-group discussions, but as the name indicates it we are focusing on bringing high-quality presentations to developers (whether they have experience with Drupal or not). We are also planning social events, so there will be opportunities to get a taste of bavarian culture in a geek-friendly environment.

You are probably interested in the "Giveaway" part, so let's get to that. Happy Pixels will be giving free tickets to the conference (inclusive T-Shirt) to four people. The conditions: you must commit to make a 45-minutes presentation on a Drupal-related development topic of your choice. To participate, write a comment in reply to this post with a brief description of your presentation. The winners will be selected on March 29th and will be notified by e-mail. The event will be bilingual to accommodate international visitors, so sessions can be presented in German or in English.

For everyone else, tickets are 25€ (20€ without T-shirt) with an individual sponsor option as well. Tickets prices will be raised by 10€ on April 19th, so don't wait until the last minute to register.

Follow @drupaldevdays on twitter for updates. The official hashtag of the event is #drupaldevdays