Learning the alphabet with Google

Mar 25, 2009

We usually teach kids the alphabet by having them remember common words that start with each letter: A is for Apple, B is for Balloon, C is for Crayon… but what if we wanted to update our notion of "common word" with, let's say, the autocomplete feature of Google search? Here's what we get:

Amazon Best buy Craigslist Dictionary Ebay Facebook Google Hotmail Imdb Jcpenney Kohls Lowes Myspace Netflix Orkut Photobucket Quotes Runescape Sears Target Utube Verizon wireless Walmart Xbox 360 Youtube Zappos

Well… seeing the list, I'm starting to think it's a bad idea. I also can't believe that the most common search word starting with a "U" is "utube"… that's quite a sad fact.

Note: this is based on the autocomplete feature of Google in the US. The same experiment on google.fr or google.it for example give different results.