Accents and umlauts on the G1

Mar 4, 2009

Having a real physical keyboard is definitely an advantage of the G1, but what happens when you want to send an e-mail in a language that uses accents or other characters which are not present on an american qwerty keyboard? I accidentally found the solution: use a combination of the alt and shift key.


Press alt + shift + e, w, i, u or n respectively for an acute accent, grave accent, circumflex accent, unlaut oor tilde, followed by the letter on which you want the accent.

é = alt + shift + e + e ö = alt + shift + u + o ñ = alt + shift + n + n

Other special characters

ß = alt + shift + s ç = alt + shift + c

It's not as practical as a keyboard layout switcher, but it's great when you need to write that message in French, German or Spanish without having to compromise your spelling.