What's in Drupal?

Feb 19, 2009

I was wondering what it would look like if you put all of Drupal's code into wordle. It turns out that Drupal has a lot of arrays, functions and forms, which is not too surprising. What's more interesting is a comparison between different versions of Drupal, and developers shouldn't take long to find some key differences… take a look!

Drupal 5.15

Drupal 6.9

Drupal 7 (development version as of February 19th, 2009)


I downloaded and unzipped the three versions of Drupal, moved to the parent directory and ran the following command for each version:

find drupal-version/* -exec cat {} >> drupal-version.txt \;

I then simply copied the content of the file and pasted it into wordle, using the same display settings for all three images.