SANDCamp Retrospective

Jan 26, 2009

With an attendance of 80 to 90 people, and participants from all over the United States and even Ecuador, the first SANDCAMP (San Diego Drupal Camp) was a success.

The event was put together by a few members of the San Diego Drupal User Group, who did a great job at finding a venue, sponsors, a speaker for the keynote session, food, and building a website to handle the communication to the world. I'm probably forgetting some people, but kudos to Senpai, Becky Farris, Andrew Root, Christoph Weber and Brenda Boggs for their dedication to this event.

As usual, the camp was informative but also a very valuable networking opportunity. It was great to exchange the latest best practices with other Drupal development companies, and also renew contact with old co-workers who have worked for Achieve Internet at some point in their career.

This was my second consecutive week-end of Drupal community activity, and although I'm exhausted (mostly from the social events that took place before, during and after the camps), I'm more excited than ever about Drupal and the community surrounding it. I am actually putting together my candidacy to become a permanent member of the Drupal Association, and be in a position to help local events like SANDCamp take place all over the world.