2 topics, 2 camps, 4 presentations

Jan 16, 2009

The year 2009 is starting pretty strong with a lot of events in the Drupal community. The first one for me will be DrupalCamp Germany in Köln this coming week-end, closely followed by DrupalCamp San Diego in a week. DrupalCamp Germany will be the first national Drupal event in the country, and got a lot of attention from being mentioned on Dries Buytaert's blog. DrupalCamp San Diego is also starting its first edition with a nice schedule of presentations and a documentation sprint hosted by add1sun!

These camps will be the occasion to share the work that we did at the "Fields in Core" code sprint. I'm especially looking forward to getting live feedback from the audience during the post-presentation discussions that always happen at this kind of event.

I will also give my "Intro to SimpleTest" talk at those two events. This topic has already been covered multiple times, by me and by others, but there are still a large number of developers who could benefit from knowing how to write tests for their code. This time around, I will try to spend a little more time on the testing methodology, as it turned out to be the greatest source of questions during past testing sprints.

Here are the slides for the fields presentation. The slides for the simpletest presentation should come soon after I'm done with a few updates have been uploaded as well.