Updated theme and traffic boost

Sep 13, 2008

As you may have noticed, I redesigned the theme of my blog. It's still based on the same idea, but I started everything from scratch again so that I could do it right. The Happy Pixels theme is now a proper Garland sub-theme, and the base image for the color module integration is much cleaner, with more subtle effects.

Also, after giving a lightning talk about color.module integration for themes last Monday in Geneva, I was asked if the theme was available anywhere… so the next day I released it on drupal.org. A few days later, I check the google analytic stats and inevitably notice a drastic increase in traffic due to people looking for a demonstration website for Happy Pixels. Apparently people like it, I got visitors from over 60 countries, and the project page is now the first result in google searches for "Happy Pixels"!